Neinas Sports Services

Neinas Sports Services provides a wide range of consulting services, primarily related to intercollegiate athletics. Chuck Neinas has been involved in practically every facet of athletic administration including Olympic and professional sports.

Neinas Sports Services has been retained by colleges and universities to evaluate athletic and/or football programs and to assist with future planning, to identify and assist in the employment of athletic administrators and coaches, and to provide support in television negotiations.

Athletic conferences have also utilized Neinas Sports Services for a variety of projects.

After years of involvement with intercollegiate athletics, Neinas has a working knowledge of the college sports industry. His experience provides him an understanding that while a similarity exists among institutions, each athletic program is different.

Through the years Neinas has developed personal contacts and relationships with a wide network of individuals associated with education, intercollegiate athletics and professional and amateur sports that have proved to be valuable in addressing a variety of projects.

The Neinas Sports Services client list includes many of the nation's outstanding institutions, several of whom have used his services for more than one project.

TRUST. This is surely the most important asset that Chuck Neinas can provide, because of his proven ability to conduct a personnel search in a confidential manner with the goal of protecting those involved. Also, because of the personal relationships Neinas has established over the years, he is able to obtain pertinent information that may be unavailable without having gained the trust of those who are knowledgeable and well informed about potential candidates.

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The following individuals were employed by Chuck Neinas in his capacity as commissioner of the Big Eight Conference or as executive director of the College Football Association and have subsequently enjoyed a successful career in athletic administration:

  • Sam Baker, Director of Athletics, Georgia Southern University
  • Mike Bohn, Director of Athletics, University of Colorado-Boulder
  • Tryg Brody, Sales Manager, Hotel Del Coronado, Coronado Island, California, and former sales manager at the Greenbrier, a hotel and resort in West Virginia
  • DeLoss Dodds, Director of Athletics, University of Texas-Austin
  • Prentice Gautt (deceased), former associate commissioner of the Big 12 Conference
  • Steve Hatchell, President, National Football Foundation, and former commissioner of the Big 12 Conference
  • Bill Hancock, Director of the Bowl Championship Series, and former administrator responsible for the NCAA basketball tournament
  • Kirby Hocutt, Director of Athletics, University of Miami (Florida)
  • John Kasser (retired), former director of athletics at the University of California-Berkeley
  • Dick Martin (deceased), former director of athletics at West Virginia University
  • Dave Ogrean, President, USA Hockey
  • Tom Starr, who has served as director of several football bowl games